WE are uKUNST. WE are alternative. WE are creative.
WE are independent. WE will produce. WE will disseminate.
We have no masters. We are legion. uKUNST: All Is Artifice.

Creative actions and productions to challenge apathetic human acceptance of religious delusions, bankrupt conventions, colonial and capitalist ideologies and plain lack of reason.
(63rd line from of the uKUNST Manifesto, written by Erich Squatt, April 1, 1917).

uKUNST Creative Production

uKUNST develops, produces and distributes interdisciplinary arts-led creative works.

uKUNST is an independent creative studio and producer delivering both in-house and external (client) products ranging from audio, visual, performance and digital arts through to literature, animation, music, print and events. By Any Media Necessary © RFM 1995.

Each uKUNST action, event or production is aimed at challenging the existing status quo across the arts, society, commerce and politics.